NFL Week #8 Picks 2 Click

  It’s my first week, so I am only going to give you my favorite 5 games. I have one rule; I am going to stray away from the word “lock” to the best of my ability. After the Baltimore debacle last Monday Night, we all found out nothing is a lock. Vegas not only cleaned up on the spread, but the money line as well. Oh well, that was the past, and as we approach the 2nd half of the NFL season, its time to bring home the bacon….

Game #1 – Indianapolis @ Tennessee. Spread: Tennessee – 9.5. After Indianapolis’s dreadful performance in a 62-7 loss to New Orleans on Sunday Night, you can’t in your right mind try to convince yourself that this team isn’t in complete shambles. For years we have heard the muttering of Peyton Manning being the greatest QB of all time, or at least among the ranks. After 7 weeks, it is clear that he is all that he is cracked up to be. He made Reggie Wayne an All Pro Receiver. He made Dallas Clark an All Pro Tight End. He made Tony Dungy a Championship Coach. And he made the Colts a winning team. That they are no longer. Tennessee will look to rebound after a dreadful performance as well when they got trounced by Houston last week. They come back home in this one, desperate to get Chris Johnson and the running game going against the pitiful Colts rushing defense. Look for Chris Johnson to have his first big game of the year. Tennessee – 31. Indy – 16

Game #2 – Jacksonville @ Houston. Spread: Houston – 8.5. “Fool me once, shame on you….Fool me twice, shame on me”….yada yada yada. Jacksonville’s 12-7 victory over Baltimore was a heroic effort, and a stunning performance. I’ll take nothing away from it. Well….actually I will. Only 3 offenses looked worse than Jacksonville last week in the NFL. The Seahawks, the Browns, and the Ravens. Luckily, Jacksonville played one of them. This was a Ravens team averaging nearly 30 points coming into that MNF game. A dynamic offense right? No, not all. An average offense, and an incredible defense that created a good chunk of those points. Anquan Boldin’s route’s were lazy. Torrey Smith couldn’t stretch the field. And Ray Rice played as lackadaisical as MJD. You’re not fooling me twice in this one. Houston has a potent offense with Arian Foster getting into mid-season form, and possibly the return of Andre Johnson. Look for Foster to threaten 200 yards rushing/receiving, and the Texans to take down the Jag’s in an “Easy like Sunday Morning” fashion. Houston – 34. Jacksonvile – 17

Game #3 – Washington kinda @ Buffalo. Spread: Buffalo – 6. This is the Bills annual game hosted in Toronto, Canada. A two-hour bus ride to a city that cares not only more about hockey than football, but also baseball. And soccer. And golf. And tennis. But not Labatt Blue. Alright you get the point. It’s a half home game, and the Bills have had their mojo working at Orchard Park, going 3-0 in victories over NE, Oakland, and Philly. The crowd will be Bills Backers weighted, but by no means will it have the majestic ambience of Ralph Wilson Stadium. Yes, I am a die-hard Bills fan. But I’m not bias. Not at all (cough, cough). NFL teams are 3-9 coming off bye weeks this year, and Buffalo had one last week. That means nothing to me in this one. Stevie Johnson got some extra time to nurse his groin, along with a potential return of NT Kyle Williams. Washington lost RB Tim Hightower to a torn ACL last week, along with a hand injury to WR Santana Moss. The Redskins will field two youngsters in Ryan Torain and Roy Helu to replace Hightower to try to take advantage of the struggling, but improving Bills rushing defense.  This will be Jon Beck’s second start for the Redskins and he showed some clear signs of potential, but he’ll be missing some of their major weapons. I can’t help but not love the Bills in this one. Chan Gailey is coaching this team with grace and guts, and Fred Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick are illustrating to this league what hard work and patience can do. Look for a breakout performance from CJ Spiller, and the Bills special teams in the dome in this one. Bills – 31. Redskins – 20

Game #4 – Detroit @ Denver. Spread: Detroit -3. Time to put a little cheddar on a road team. Just two weeks ago, Detroit was on top of the world at 5-0. Two losses later, to SF and Atlanta, and they are back down to earth looking to get back on track vs Tim Tebow and company. What a fantastic finish for the Bronco’s last week right? An epic late comeback rallied on the back of Tim Tebow. I felt like I was watching “Passion of Christ Part Deux”. Spare me. If you can’t score a point on the Miami Dolphins in the first 56 minutes of a football game, I am supposed to think you have a chance versus one of the best teams in the NFC? The Lions, despite likely not having RB Javhid Best in the backfield will bounce back in this one. WR Calvin Johnson will do what he does, and I wouldn’t be shocked if DT Suh and company knock Tebow out of this one, at least temporarily until he rises from the dead to come back in the 4th to rally a comeback. This time it will end in a pick 6. Detroit – 28. Denver – 13

Game #5 – Cincinnati @ Seattle. Spread: Cincinnati – 2.5. Where to start with this one? Perhaps the sleeper team of the 2011 NFL season so far. The Cincinnati Bengals possess one of the most potent defenses in the league. I won’t get too carried away as 6 games through the season, the best teams they have played are Buffalo and SF, both at home. Nothing against those teams, but Buffalo’s offense is on the up and up, and SF is led by their stellar defense. Nonetheless, Cincy sits at 4-2, and Andy Dalton and AJ Green have formed quite the duo. WR Jerome Simpson is chipping in as well in the passing game (as well as the Marijuana distribution game in the mid-west), and they will need him in this one with Cedric Benson facing his one game suspension, and the running game will be lead by the smaller Bernard Scott. Seattle has quite the home field crowd, but when that is the one thing you have going for your football team, you are in trouble. The Seattle defense is improved from last year, but they will be without corner backs Marcus Trufant and Walter Thurmond III in this one. Dalton and Company will be airing it out all day in the pacific northwest, dropping the SeaChickens in another one. Cincinnati – 27. Seattle – 17

My goal is 4-1. Don’t wanna be greedy. Good night and good luck…


3 Responses to “NFL Week #8 Picks 2 Click”

  1. Sammy Dunn Says:

    Nice pics Robby! Let’s go Buffalo!

  2. I give 3 out of 4 labatte blues on you picks2click. I think that mr. Tim Tebow cannot play worse than he did last week and they still won! Do you know how fired up Mile High stadium will be? Jesus H. Christ himself wears a Tim Tebow jersey.

    • When Andre Agassi lost to Michael Chang in the US Open and Chang stalled out on approaching the net paying his tributes to his god, Andre told himself, “Why does he think god wants him to succeed more than me, or anyone else?”……Then he vowed to never lose to Change again in a grand slam. He won the next 6. Point being? Not sure. Go Lions!

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