Week #9 Picks 2 Click

 The much-anticipated Week #9 is almost here. Time to find out if a few teams are pretender’s or actual contender’s…As well as myself coming off a 5-0 week. I said last week that I have only one rule, which was, “Nothing is a lock”. I lied. I have a new rule, and I will add a new rule every week. This weeks rule is, “There is no such thing as a trap game”.

Game #1: San Francisco @ Washington. Spread: SF-3.5. Imagine that, right off the bat…A trap game. Wrong! No such thing. The Redskins got shut out last week in Toronto vs. Buffalo 23-0, while the Niners took care of business and beat the Browns 20-10 at home. They didn’t play great, but Cleveland is scrappy and surprisingly not awful, especially against the run. Although, Frank Gore did get it cooking for his fourth straight 100 yard rushing game after a shaky start to the season. The Niners defense continues to be legit, and if the Redskins couldn’t move the ball on Buffalo, they will find it equally challenging versus Frisco. Jim Harbaugh is fired up, has Alex Smith playing efficient ball, and a defensive squad boasting with swagger. On the other sideline, Mike Shanahan looks unmotivated, pacing like a disgruntled post office worker, and is down to his second string QB, RB, and WR. Don’t over-think it. This one shouldn’t be close. San Francisco – 23. Washington – 9.

Game #2: Denver @ Oakland. Spread: Oakland -8. Oh come on, I had to pick this one. Not so I can rag on the “Messiah” again. I will let Raider Nation do that on Sunday. Yahhh…Might need a few extra body guards for this one. #Justsayin. Run DMC is still on crutches as of today, as he struggled in the parking lot of the stadium upon arrival (Twitter told me that). But I am not sure I care. He has a solid back-up in Michael Bush, and the bye week couldn’t have come at a better time for the newly acquired Carson Palmer and company. WR TJ Houshmandzadeh also recently signed this week with the Raiders, giving them and Palmer a familiar weapon (Well more like a rubber sling shot) in the slot. Quite frankly the Bronco’s are terrible, and I don’t see them moving the ball much with Tim Tebow at the helm. Expect a disastrous first half, and perhaps a Kyle Orton Brady Quinn sighting in the 2nd half rallying them to a late touchdown. 3 too few. Oakland – 33. Denver – 13.

Game #3: Atlanta @ Indianapolis. Spread: Atlanta -7. Lets just be frank on this one. I am going to bet against Sans Manning Inc. until they prove me otherwise. Especially against the re-discovered Hotlanta Falcons in a dome. The Dirty Birds are coming off two quality wins versus Carolina and Detroit, and will be fresh off a bye. They have hopefully discovered their key to success…More Michael Turner. I mean the guy is a load…He has thighs the size of Kris Humphries torso, and an ass the size of Kimberly. Too soon? We all over that heartbreaking story yet? Really though, the guy is a freight train. Couple that with a healthy Roddy White and Julio Jones,and the Colts are in trouble. Atlanta sits at 4-3, and is my sleeper for getting back into the playoff picture and eventually winning the NFC South. The Falcon’s host New Orleans at home next week, so they will definitely be looking to take some momentum into that one. The Colts are 0-4 against the spread in their last 4. This might be a game your Grandma could justify betting on…(“Hey Sonny! There’s a bag of them fifty cent coins in the top drawer of my armoire…Yes those…I’ve saved em’ up from the 4 months I worked before your Dad was born back in ’55. Bet on Matty Ice and the Falcons for me…And don’t tell Papa, I’ll split the winnings with you…”) Atlanta – 34. Indy – 10

Game #4: Miami @ Kansas City. Spread: KC -4. The tomahawk chop was in full force Halloween night versus San Diego. Yes, KC got a little help in that one. A minor miracle victory right? Hardly. Phillip and Norv choked…again. What’s new?  I’ll tell ya what’s not new…The Chiefs covering spreads. They have covered 5 straight, while the Dolphin’s are 2-5 against the spread on the season. The Dolphins played some inspired football last week vs. NYG searching for their first win. They had the G Men on the ropes, but couldn’t pull off a Mayweather sucker punch. The Dolphin’s are 0-4 on the road…and 0-3 at home…(One second…I was an Accounting major, I got this…). 0-7. The Dolphin’s are bad. Real bad. Don’t sugar coat it. Matt Moore was hardly a force when he played in the Pac 10, errr, 12 for the University of Oregon’s little brother. Now he’s gonna waltz into Arrowhead Stadium and knock off the winners of four straight? Reggie Bush looks more clueless running between the tackles than Rick Perry does giving a speech(Might wanna work on that pal). I’ll give Miami this. They might possibly have the most underrated defense in the NFL. They can play football. Oh no, I’m convincing myself that this is a “trap game”. BS! Shake yourself! Kansas City – 24. Miami – 16

Game #5: New York Jets @ Buffalo. Spread: Buffalo –1.5. In losing twice to the Jet’s last year, the Bill’s were outscored 76-21 and out-rushed 549-151. Wow. Luckily that was last year, both for Buffalo and for Rex Ryan’s pedicurist, as he was likely slaving over game film in the Jet’s bye week figuring out how he is going to slow down Fred Jackson, and not pampering his disgusting feet (I mean they gotta be nasty right?) The Bills are 4-0 at home, and the Jet’s are win-less on the road (0-3). I tried hard to stay away from this game, but it’s perhaps the game of the year for both teams. Revis Island said so on behalf of his 4-3 Jet’s. I say so on behalf of the 5-2 Bills. This is a must-win game for both, and a game likely both teams will look back on 2 months from now when the playoffs begin …(“Don’t talk about playoffs, PLAYOFFS!!?, Are you kidding me…PLAYOFFS!!!? I just hope we can win a game!…Another game.”) The Bills possess the better running game, and passing game. They forced the likes of Tom Brady and Michael Vick into 4 interceptions each. I expect a few this week from Dirty, errr, Mark Sanchez, especially coming off the Bills 10 sack (“I got 5 on it” – Luniz, 1994) performance last week. Bills – 27. Jets – 20.

This week’s goal is 4-1 again. Slightly greedy, but Ima looking and Ima liking. Good Night and Good Luck!


8 Responses to “Week #9 Picks 2 Click”

  1. “Hey Sonny! There’s a bag of them fifty cent coins in the top drawer of my armoire…Yes those…I’ve saved em’ up from the 4 months I worked before your Dad was born back in ’55. Bet on Matty Ice and the Falcons for me…”

    picks2click is putting in work! I’m not going to judge your picks because I do believe picks2click went 5-0 in week eight.

  2. Haha Thanks Adam dude…Glad ya liked the Grandma bomb. I think we can all relate to our G’Ma’s, Nanna’s, or whatever we may call them, directing us to the old coin stash in the bedroom dresser…

  3. Sammy Dunn Says:

    ALL IN on ATL! Excited to see how Raiders ome out! I like it a lot!

  4. Nikoli Cerriamos Says:

    Wow dunn bagels coming out the gates strong! i like falcons and 9ers (what is this 1998?), nice write up buddy.

  5. San Francisco proved they can win on the East Coast versus Philly–that’s a lock!

  6. SF is for real. Atlanta was some experts pick 2 make it to the big dance this year, but after a slow start they have been forgotten. I’m not sleeping on them. Good point Keith. SF has to overcome the travel, and they have already done so, but thats about all Washington has going for them…I think Carson Palmer is gonna shine for Da Raida’s in his first start.

  7. Bahama Mama Says:

    Wow, I think your picks and analysis is solid. I agree except I think the Buffalo / Jets game will be closer since it is do or die for the Jets. I miss Sports Action!.

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