Week #9 Picks Recap… 2-3 on the week. (Season Record: 7-3)

 I feel like a “sucker” (pun intended) after this week. Went 2-3 which isn’t horrendous, ah what am I saying, it’s rubbish. Garbage, because the losses were blowouts and not even close to the spread. As I said, we were going to find out who are “Contenders” and who are “Pretenders”. The Raiders are pretenders. The Falcons are contenders. The Chiefs are pretenders. The Bills are “No Comment”. And Picks 2 Click is… Still 7-3 through 2 weeks, so the jury is out. On to the recap…

Game #1: San Francisco – 19. Washington – 11. Spread was SF by 3.5. Won. This one wasn’t as close as the score. The Niner’s displayed their top notch defense once again moving to 7-1, and the Redskins, well, “They are who we thought they were!” The Skin’s suck…Not toe’s though! San Fran was efficient behind Alex Smith’s 17-24 for 200 yards, 1 TD, no picks. Gore grinded out 100 plus yards again for the 5th straight week. John Beck’s favorite target was RB Roy Helu. Who?…Yah that’s a problem when your Running Back gets 14 catches out of the backfield. Dinking and dunking won’t work against an elite defense in the NFL, unless you have Marshall Faulk and Barry Sanders in the same backfield.

Game #2: Atlanta – 31. Indy – 7. Spread was ATL by 7. Won. Oh I am starting to feel bad for the Colt’s. Imagine how those players must feel on that team knowing that they can hardly compete without Manning. Manning may look more like a Cattle Rancher than an NFL Quarterback, but I won’t stop giving him praise (And I won’t quit picking against Indy). They can’t run the ball, stop the run, and couldn’t even air it out this week (103 passing yards). Atlanta out-gained them 432 to 186, and this spread was covered early in the 2nd quarter after two deep Julio Jones bomb’s. That dude can play. Vegas fell asleep on this line. There is something they don’t like about Atlanta and I am not quite sure what that is. See: Next game: Atlanta vs. New Orleans. Line: Pick Em’ in Atlanta. Should be 3…I think.

Game #3: Miami – 31. Kansas Shitty – 3. Spread was KC by 4. Lost. This one was fool’s gold. The score was a blowout, but the numbers don’t look half as bad. They nearly had the same total yardage (351-343), and neither team turned the ball over. Where Kansas City hurt themselves was protecting QB Matt Cassel. He went down 5 times, and was under pressure all day long. I said Miami had an under-rated defense and they proved me right in this one. Reggie Bush finally broke out for 142 total yards on 16 touches and a TD. (I wonder if Kim was watching…Or maybe she was sleeping in at his hotel. Hmm…that could explain it). Karlos Dansby led the way with 11 tackles for the Dolphins D, and Tony Sparano out-coached Haley in this one. Complete and utter fool’s gold. Kansas City is done.

Game #4: Denver – 38. Oakland – 24. Spread was Oakland by 7. Lost. How can I avoid praising Tebow in this one? Well, I could start with Oakland choked away a 17-7 halftime lead thanks to the help of three Palmer INT’s…Or I could blame it on the Raiders run defense giving up 299 yards rushing much to the displeasure of Richard Seymour on the sideline’s yapping at his fellow D-Liner’s. Fine, I’ll give him some credit. He handed the ball off to Willis Mc Gahee with Jesus-esque grace 20 times for 163 yards…He also picked up 118 on his own on 12 carries. I still don’t think this guy can be a starting NFL QB for a legit NFL team, but if I had him as my back-up I sure would use him at times for 3rd down conversions and on the goal-line. He can run the ball, and has that will to move the chains. This was not a smart bet. Palmer is clearly rusty, and they had no Darren Mc Fadden. Just a bad bad pick.

Game #5. NYJ – 27. Buffalo – 11. Spread was Buffalo by 2. Lost. Jets Jets Jets! Yada yada yada. FML FML FML! Now that I got that out, where to start with this one? Simple. Rex Ryan and the bye week. The Jet’s defense more than schemed the Bill’s offense. I believe they had a copy of their playbook. Perhaps LB Aaron Maybin (6th pick in the 2009 draft whom the Bills cut about 2 months ago) burned a copy. He now starts for the Jet’s in their nickel package. Just a little frustrating to say the least…The score was 3-0 Jets at halftime as both teams just couldn’t get it going. A big kickoff return by Joe McKnight led to another field goal, and a quick ensuing turnover led to 7 for the Jets and a 13-0 lead. The Bills abandoned the run, and Freddy Jackson only was able to get 18 carries, although he did amass 82 yards, and 38 receiving. They had some chances, but just couldn’t execute versus Ryan’s blitz/man-to-man happy defense. The Jet’s controlled the ball for 38 minutes to 22 for the Bills, and kept the chains going with an efficient game plan. Both teams are now locked up at 5-3…along with New England. Dare I say again…A must win game for Buffalo 11/27 @ New York? Sure is.

I’m feeling better about the potential in Week #10. Learned a vital lesson this week…Pick winners, not losers. Noted it to self.


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