Week #10 Picks 2 Click

  Week #10 is loaded with some great games, low spreads, and some coin flips. Division rivals square off all over the schedule, looking for a strangle hold on their respective divisions. Last week was a rough one for myself. I’m looking to get back in the winners circle this week. The rule for this week is “Don’t be afraid of road teams”. Because I got a few for you. Due to lack of time, and my anxiety for the Oregon v. Stanford game tonight, I will be brief. No frills.

Game #1: Houston @ Tampa Bay. Spread: Houston -3. The Texan’s have got it going of late. A fresh Arian Foster is running the ball like he did in his near MVP 2010 season. Houston sits at 6-3, 2 games clear of the division. Tampa Bay has been up and down all year. The Tampa Cover 2 might slow down Schaub and the passing game, but it won’t help much against Foster the People and his backup singer Ben Tate who is also on pace for 1,000 rushing yards. Houston – 31. Tampa Bay – 21

Game #2: Jacksonville @ Indy. Spread: Jacksonville -3. Well we all know the story of the 2011 Colts by now. Quite frankly it’s become tragic, and ranks right up there with the Penn St. scandal, Rick Perry’s terrible speeches, and the “Thor” on Real World San Diego not having sex with Ashley yet. Yes, the Indianapolis Colts of 2011 is that devastating of a story. Jim Mora’s classic rant now applies to this team, because they are really just trying to “Win another game”. The Jag’s sit at 4-4, and they are the epitome of missionary sex, errr, average. They have 3 household names in MJD, Blaine Gabbert, and their kicker Josh Scobee. Fortunately for them, its all they need. Jags- 24. Colts -19

Game #3: Baltimore @ Seattle. Spread: Baltimore -7. I said it once, and I’ll say it again. If the best thing you have going for you is home field advantage than you are in trouble. Although, the Seahawks have hung in some games of late, they still have no identity. Marshawn Lynch runs with inconsistency, they lack a go-to receiver, and they’re uniforms just kinda suck. Then you have the Raven’s coming off a last minute amazing win over Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. This team has more identity than Kim Kardashian’s backside. They know who they are and what they want. And the Seattle SeaChickens are just another practice game to iron out some wrinkles on their road to the playoffs, and their annual date with Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship. Baltimore – 33. Seattle – 17

Game #4: Detroit @ Chicago. Spread: Chicago – 3. Here’s a great game for you. D Town vs. Chi Town. Lambeer vs. Rodman. Eminem vs. Kanye. Crime vs…..well, more Crime. On to the game. This one should be a goody. Detroit got the Bears earlier this year at home 24-13, and had Jay Cutler running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Expect a little better protection this time, but the Lions have had two weeks to prepare for this win with the bye week. I imagine they will have some extra blitz packages for Lovie Smith and company this time around. Matt Forte will have to run the ball with success to give the Bears a chance. DT Suh, the Portland, Oregon native will be itching to get after the sitting duck Jay Cutler in this one after his recent meeting with Commissioner Godell. FYI – Eminem is the greatest rapper ever. Therefore… Detroit – 27. Bears -24

Game #5: Arizona @ Philadelphia. Spread: Philly -14. Normally I wouldn’t touch this game. Too many points. But the Eagles now sit at 3-5, and coming off a tough loss to Chicago on Monday night, will be looking to rebound in emphatic passion. (“Flipping the script up like Mike Vick, getting bit in his junk by a Pit, yep, I’m a sick pup” – Mr. Marshall Mathers). Yes, things haven’t been so rosy in Mr. Vicks neighborhood, perhaps he should switch to Nyquil…Wow lacking punchlines this week. Guess I’ll just drop some science. 4 of the 5 Eagle losses have come by 1, 4, 6 ,and 7, all to above .500 teams. Shockingly they are 1-3 at home. The Philly Fanatics can not be happy, but looking at their schedule, the Eagles will likely be favored in 7 out of the their last 8 games. I still think this team can rally and go 10-6. Starting with this blowout… Worst Dream Team Ever – 41. Arizona – 13

Could be a tough week. 4 road teams, and a big home favorite. Lets get back in the George Dubbya column…


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