Week # 11 Picks 2 Click…Last Week: 2-3 (Again). Season: 9-6

As you can tell there is no Week #10 recap. Sorry, but I refuse to summarize another 2-3 failure. In the words of Chan Gailey, Coach of the Buffalo Bills, “You give yourself one day to celebrate a win, and one day to mourn a loss”. Thanks Coach, I need that encouragement, because Aaliyah’s (“Try Again”, 2000) on repeat wasn’t helping . The rule for the week is “Defense wins championship’s, errr, Quarterback’s win championships, but defense cover’s regular season spreads”. The last 10 Super Bowls have seen the likes of Tom Brady (Multiple times), Peyton Manning (Twice), Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner (Twice), Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger (Multiple times). Keep that in mind come playoff time. For now, it’s all about defense.

Game #1: NY Jets @ Denver. Spread: NYJ – 6. Interesting game we got here on primetime television on this Thursday evening. Oh wait, it’s on NFL Network. As if the NFL wasn’t milking every penny out of us already with insane ticket prices, Fantasy Football, my Sunday morning bar tab (Maybe that one is a me problem), etc. Tis each their own, I’ll have to attend a local bar to catch the excitement of the 8 pass attempt Denver Bronco’s versus the pompus Jet’s. The Jet’s have been Jekyl and Hyde since Day 1 of this season, heck, since Day 1 of the hiring of Rex Ryan. They turn it on and off more than your boss’s attitude on Friday’s, your wife’s sex drive, and Oregon Duck fan’s belief in their QB Darren Thomas (“How do you like them apples?” GWH, 1997). It’s a doggy dog world and “what have you done lately?” defines professional sports of late. Well, the Denver Bronco’s have gone 3-1 since the promotion of the Messiah to starting QB. He went 2-8 passing last week in a 17-10 victory over the Kansas Shitty Chiefs. That just won’t work versus the defensive scheme of Rex Ryan. The Jet’s are coming off another beat down from the Patriots after a great defensive showing against the Bill’s. Rex Ryan dropped an F bomb at a Patriot fan walking through the tunnel to the locker room after their loss last week. The guy hates losing. He’ll want this one. The Bronco’s will be without RB’s Willis McGahee and Moreno (surprise surprise), which leave’s Lance Ball and Jeremiah Johnson in their backfield. This one could get ugly, but Tebow will keep em’ semi-close, albeit looking like Rocky Balboa beaten and bruised after this one. Jet’s – 27. Bronco’s – 16.

Game #2: Dallas @ Washington. Spread: Dallas – 8. This one is rather simple to analyze. Dallas is peaking, and the Redskin’s are plummeting to the bottom of the NFL ranks. RB Demarco Murray has put together a 4 game stretch in rushing yards that betters any of Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith. The kid is the real deal, and so are the Cowboy’s if they can just eliminate mental mistakes. They have 3 free-bee’s on their schedule coming up and will likely see themselves sitting at 8-4 and atop the division in no time. They aren’t your Grandpa’s Cowboys, and they’re definitely not your Father’s Cowboys, but they are pretty legit. Not so sexy Rex Grossman will be getting his second straight start in place of Beck in this one. I’m not sure if that is good or bad for the Redskins. They have very few weapons, and have no chance in this one against a Dallas team that just thrashed Buffalo 44-7. The same Buffalo team that blanked Washington 23-0 three weeks ago. Bet this one hard, real hard, and (“If an erection lasts for more than four hours, please contact your physician for a consultation”). And if that doesn’t work…bet it again. Dallas – 34. Redskins – 16.

Game #3: San Diego @ Chicago. Spread: Chicago – 3.5. Defense, Defense, Defense. Da Bear’s are back. The Tampa Cover 2 scheme has taken on a mind of it’s own, mixing it up per matchup confusing offenses league-wide. They took care of the sexy Detroit Lions last week on the heel’s of two pick sixes from Matthew Stafford. And now look at what the cat has drug in. Phillip Rivers probably had a minor panic attack when he watched the game film of the Bears/Lions game. Rivers has 15 INT’s on the season, compared to 13 TD’s. Norv Turner has cemented himself as the worst coach in the NFL in my opinion. His offensive scheme is over-loaded with play action, lack’s rushing attempt’s, and puts River’s in position to fail, too often. They are as predictable as the conclusion of (“The Shawshank Redemption” 1994) albeit, one of my favorite movie’s ever. This Charger’s team is not one of my favorite’s ever. They won’t find it any easier this week versus the red hot cinnamon Chicago Bear’s (Top 5 gummy candies in existence) who have won 4 straight. Jay Cutler is proving all his hater’s wrong, and he should excel again this week against a weak Chargers secondary. This is a must win game for San Diego, but they couldn’t have ran into a bigger buzz saw than the Bear’s half way across the country in the cold windy city known as the Chi’. Super Bowl Shuffle – 30. Chargers – 20.

Game #4: Buffalo @ Miami. Spread: Miami – 1. Oh I can’t stay away from this one. I have too much faith in the Buffalo Bills. They sit at 5-4 tied with the Jet’s one game back of New England in the AFC East. They have dropped two straight to the Jet’s and Dallas in a whacking last week. They have injuries to players most football fan’s don’t know exist. Center Eric Wood tore his ACL last week in the Dallas game, and Pro Bowl NT Kyle Williams was told his season is done half way through recovery of a foot injury. WR Stevie Johnson and S George Wilson have matching shoulder injuries, but will likely see action come Sunday. On the other side, the Miami Dolphins have won 2 straight after 7 losses to start the season. Although the 2 win’s came against the Chiefs and the Redskins (I knew Tony Sparano was racist), two teams the Bills beat as well 41-7 and 23-0 respectively. The Bill’s will rebound in this one on a stellar defensive performance, lead by rookie Marcel Dareus and veteran Nick Barnett. Reggie Bush is likely itching at the bit looking at the stats of Buffalo’s rush defense, but he isn’t the kind of back that gives the Bill’s fits. They struggle against straight ahead runner’s who can pick up 4 or 5 on 1st down and set up the play action/QB rollouts and bootleg. As for the Bill’s offense it has been a struggle and Chan Gailey will have to resort back to the running game to set up the pass. In the last two games (blowout losses) Fred Jackson has still managed to put up 196 yards rushing, and his average sits at 5.6 yards per carry. That is stellar for an every-down back. FredEx will deliver in this one, and FitzMagic will loosen up and bounce back after two poor outings. Buffalo – 24. Phish – 13.

Game #5: Kansas City @ New England. Spread: New England – 14.5. After winning 4 straight the Chief’s have dropped the last two by 28 to Miami, and 7 to Denver…Both at home. Now they travel to New England to take on the Pat’s sans Matt Cassel. To make things worse the Patriot’s are coming off a dismantling victory versus the Jet’s last week, 37-16, their first victory by more than 14 points all season. I don’t see any reason they don’t win by 20 plus again this week. The Patriot’s defense has been criticized all year, but quite frankly they are cumming coming together as a unit. Sorry Grandma(s). They are giving up about 22 points per game, which is hardly something to mourn about. Especially when you have Tom Brady at the helm with two of the most lethal TE’s in the NFL and Wes Welker terrorizing zone defenses. Do we all remember Tom’s 500 yard performance versus Miami 10 weeks ago on MNF? If not, here comes the sequel versus a lesser opponent…New England – 44. Kansas City – 17.

Coming off two losing weeks, I’m due for a rebound. In honor of my favorite asshole athlete, Rasheed Wallace, I guarantee a winning week. Goodnight and good luck.


4 Responses to “Week # 11 Picks 2 Click…Last Week: 2-3 (Again). Season: 9-6”

  1. FYI – The wise guys are picking the Broncos.

  2. Yah we shall see…9 guys in the box and let Revis and Cromartie man up on Denver’s week wideout’s. This game shouldn’t be close…

  3. Nikoli Cerriamous Says:

    love da bears this week. sd’s falling apart, bears surging….lock.

  4. Not a good start…More Tebow magic. Sure hope the Jets lay another egg next week at home versus Buffalo…

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