Week #12 Picks 2 Click…Last Week: 2-3 (Season Record:11-9)

  Last week was another brutal one. 2-3 again, a failed guarantee, and few lop-sided losses…Sans recap, and we’re going quick and dirty into this weeks picks. Rule for the week…”All good things end…except the Colts losing streak”.

Game #1: Green Bay @ Detroit. Spread: Green Bay -6.5. The undefeated Packers take on the once very hot, then cool, now back on their feet 8 Mile Lions. 7 straight losses on Turkey Day for the Lions, and they now face the Super Bowl Champs coming in with a 10-0 record. It’s obvi that the Packers are a 9.5, but I think the Lions are a solid 8…Perhaps I have my beer goggles on. The Stafford/Johnson connection will match that of Mr. Rodgers and his whole neighborhood in this one…and some. Lions -34. Packers-31.

Game #2: Miami @ Dallas. Spread: Dallas -7. This feels like a “no-brainer” pick as the Cowboys tend to show up when under the bright lights. They  also got a few additional things going for them; They have the cheerleaders to match the Dolphins, they are the third most obese city in America (It’s Thanksgiving folks, it’s relevant), and they have a share of the division lead at 6-4. The Dolphins are on a 3 game streak, and may be the best 3-7 team ever. I am no fool…(Well not true considering I bet against them the last few weeks). They can play D, and have some ability to move the ball. Not enough though to match Romo, Murray, Dez and Company. Dallas – 34. Miami-23

Game #3: Houston @ Jacksonville. Spread: Houston -3.5. Pro- The Texans come in off a bye week rested and ready for a post-season run. Con- They are going to have to do it with Matt Leinhart as their leader. It has been a while since he has been a starting QB, but I believe he has the potential to succeed in this offense like he did in that hot tub with those ladies Charlie Wilson style. Heck, he has got the most dynamic running back in the game in Adrian Foster the People, and his foster child Ben Tate, the best back-up son, errr, runner in the league. A few hand-offs, a little play action, Boom Goes the Dynamite. The Texans defense is the most under-rated and improved in the league. It will be tough sledding for the Jag’s. Houston- 27. Jacksonville – 10.

Game #4: Chicago @ Oakland. Spread: Oakland -4. No Cutler, No problem. This Bear’s defense has been ridiculous of late. In their last 5 games they have held opponents to 53, 30, 119, 80, and 52 rushing yards. In that stretch they have won 5 straight and covered all the spreads. Jay Cutler is was playing great football, but Caleb Hanie got some much needed and valuable experience in the playoffs last year. The Raiders struggle against the run, and will struggle to run the ball on the stingy Bears. That is a combo for success for the Bears, road-dogs. If Hanie can just manage the game they will get away with a big win. If he chokes…I’m sure Palmer will counter-choke. Chicago – 26. Oakland – 21

Game #5: Carolina @ Indianapolis. Spread: Carolina -3. Ugh, this is a brutal one. The 2-8 Panthers at the 0-10 Colts. Doesn’t get much more dreadful than this. Although the Colts must be thinking they are just a few more games away from locking up the #1 pick and Andrew Luck. Manning to mentor Luck for a few years. Wow, that is scary. On the other side sCam Newton’s squad just can’t seem to finish games. “Superman” seems to run out of kryptonite in the 4th quarter…Karma? I will admit that I cannot stand Cam Newton, mainly as a person. But I also think his game is lacking in 2 key areas…Accuracy and decision making. His raw skill, running ability, and size are nothing to argue against…but he plays Quarterback. This is a Quarterbacks league. And he has a LONG ways to go to become elite at his position. With that said, the Colts run defense is awful. Look for De’Angelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart to finally combine for 200 yards and run away with this one. Carolina – 30. Indy -17

Two words: Bounce Back


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