Week #13 Picks 2 Click…Last week: 2-3 (Season: 13-12)

  Another below average/mediocre week. Still sitting a game above .500 though. If I fall below I may have to retire…sans pension. Lets get straight to it. Rule of the week “When in doubt, bet on sure-fire playoff teams”. With that said…

Game #1: Green Bay @ NYG. Spread: Green Bay -6.5. The Pack sits at 11-0, and looks more than capable of running the table. Rodgers is shredding up defenses and appears to be a shoe-in for the MVP award. The Giants have now lost 3 straight and are struggling to get the run game going, as well as slow down the passing game of opposing QB’s. They got Katrina-ed last week, giving up 49 points in the Super Dome against Cool Brees and company, and some were mumbling specific players gave up. Won’t be any easier this week against the Fonduer’s, even at home. Green Bay -34. NYG – 23

Game #2: Baltimore @ Cleveland. Spread: Baltimore -7. Baltimore might possibly be the most peculiar 8-3 team ever. They lost to Jacksonville, Seattle, and Tennessee. Yet they have two wins over Pittsburgh, Houston, San Fran, NYJ, and Cincinnati…Apparently they like big games. Well, this may not be stellar competition, but this game is worth a lot. While they do hold the tie-breaker in the division over Pittsburgh, they cannot afford to drop this game. Cleveland’s defense has held on tight all year, but the physical Ravens will punish the Browns in their first of two meetings in December. Look for Ray Rice to put his stamp on this game. Raven’s – 27. Skid Mark’s – 13

Game #3: Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh. Spread: Pitt -7. Pittsburgh returns back home to play for the first time since November 6th when they fell to Baltimore on a last-minute drive. They didn’t look like world beaters against Kansas City last week, but they rarely, if ever, have two clunkers in a row. Last week’s 13-9 victory was a clunker. With the Ravens likely getting the George Dubbya versus the Browns, the Steelers need this game. Not to mention Cincinnati is only 1 game back at 7-4. I love Cincinnati’s defense, but I think their offense will have a hard time taking care of the ball versus the scrappy Steel Curtain. Pitt – 26. Cincy – 16

Game #4: Kansas City @ Chicago. Spread: Chicago -7. Chicago won 5 straight prior to dropping to Oakland last week 25-20 in their first game without Cutler. Hanie struggled early but got it going in the 2nd half, a little too late. I look for a strong outing this week, and the dominant Bears defense will disown the Chief’s from the city of Kansas. I think this one is going to get sloppy joe style. The Chiefs have scored 25 points COMBINED in their last 4 games. I’ll spot them 7 all day long. Chi Town – 38. Kansas Shitty – 9

Game #5: New York Jets @ Washington. Spread: NYJ – 2. This one is simple for me. The Jets have been up and down all year, but they come into this game 6-5 and in need of winning at least 4 out of their last 5 to make the playoffs. The Redskins are awful. As much as I hate the Jets, Rex Ryan will rally the troops and they will get the easy win and he can get back to sucking his wife’s toes. In all seriousness, Jets faithful gotta have a little confidence in Dirty Sanchez’s 4 TD performance versus the Bills last week. Although, it didn’t all look pretty, he himself will come into this week with confidence. Pretentious Hollywood style confidence, but confidence nonetheless. FYI- Stevie Johnson’s dance was EPIC!….Jets – 27. Skins – 10

I think I got a 4-1 in me…


One Response to “Week #13 Picks 2 Click…Last week: 2-3 (Season: 13-12)”

  1. I think you got 5-0 locked!

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