Week #14 Picks 2 Click…Last Week: 3-2 (Season: 16-14)

Finally got semi back on track last week going 3-2. A Matt Forte injury and a late NYG TD versus the old prevent defense of Green Bay cost me. That’s Vegas spreads for you…It puts me at 16-14 for the season. MUCH below my expectations, but still not in the red…Yet.

This week I’m riding high on three recent Super Bowl Champ’s, and two other teams that have a shot this year. Enough with the speculative bets, their return on investment has been bi-polar at best…(“So why would I buy you a gay ass teddy bear, chick you already bi-polar!” T.I and Eminem, 2009). Random, sorry. Soooo….Rule of the week : “Roll with the momentum”…And no team has more than these 5…who have combined records of 49-11.

Game #1: Oakland @ Green Bay. Spread: Green Bay -11. A re-match of Super Bowl II. Yes, that’s right. Da Raiders played the Pack in the second inaugural contest back in 1968. The Packers won 33-14. This game may not seem very important but the Raiders are skidding and have fallen back to 7-5, tied with Tebow Nation for the division lead. But they are falling fast. Run DMC is out for this one, along with WR’s Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore and even TE Kevin Boss is hurting. We all know the Packers story by now. 4 games away from a perfect regular season, and they look well on their way to accomplishing what the 2008 Patriots couldn’t…as well as those old Dolphins. Perhaps Marino and Brady got a premature….ahhhhh problem. I can’t even type that word, let alone say it. Who says that word besides Doctors? Well maybe they got that problem, but I don’t think the real “A-Rod” does. At least he won’t this week. Green Bay – 33. Oakland – 14. Again.

Game #2: New England @ Washington. Spread: New England -8. The Patriots are starting to click heading into the playoffs, rallying off their last 4 straight in easy fashion. Tom Brady has been getting protection and picking apart secondary’s, despite little resemblance of a running game. The guy bounces in the pocket like Giselle bounces in the waves during a photo shoot. It’s truly magical. Ha. Spare me. The dude can toss the rock tho and isn’t afraid to take a hit. Then there is Sexy Rexy and the Redskins. Lets just say they are the exact opposite. They have lost 7 out of their last 8, and gone 2-6 against the spread in those games. They haven’t won a home game since September 18th. They sure as heck aren’t breaking that streak this week…Nor keeping this one close. Brady Bunch – 38. Washington – 17.

Game #3: San Francisco @ Arizona. Spread: SF-4. I recall someone saying about a month ago that there was no such thing as a “trap game”. Hmmm….Can’t quite recall who. Well, lets just say I’m not naive on this one. Arizona has been playing some decent football, coming off a home victory versus the Cowgirls. But three weeks ago, in these teams first matchup in SF, the Niners won 23-7. The Gold Diggers now sit at 10-1-1 against the spread this year. Who woulda thunk? And Vegas still isn’t giving them respect (They did that to another Central Cali team this year….Stanford, who finished 10-2 vs. the spread). SF has given up ONE 100 yard plus rushing game this year…To Vick and Company over 2 months ago. Incredible. This defense is beastly, and don’t expect Beanie Wells to get it going on Sunday. Kevin Kolb and University of Phoenix graduate Larry Fitzgerald better strike pay dirt twice in this one to contend. Otherwise its back for some more on-line classes. Danny Tanner’s Hometown Niners – 24. Arizona – 17.

Game #4: New Orleans @ Tennessee. Spread: New Orleans-4. Interesting matchup here. The streaking Titan’s now sit at 7-5, despite Chris Johnson’s incredibly slow start. He has got it going of late putting up  nearly 350 rushing yards in the last 2 games. Although that was against Tampa Bay and Buffalo, two run friendly defenses. The Saints have dropped 80 points combined in their last 2 games, so Tennessee knows they need to keep it close early to keep the ball in CJ’s hands and have a shot in this one. New Orleans is a different team on the road (3-3…Opposed to 6-0 at home), so I am leery in this one, but they appear to have a full arsenal of healthy weapons now in Jimmy Graham, Lance Moore, Colston, Meacham, Sproles, and Ingram. This team is loaded with talent…and the Titans really have two weapons in CJ and Nate Washington. Not gonna cut it versus Who Dat Nation…“George Bush Hates Black People” AKA New Orleans Saints – 34. Tennessee – 23.

Game #5: Houston @ Cincinnati. Spread: Cincy -3. Gotta love what these Houston Texans have done over the last few years. They are now a top 3 rushing offense in the NFL, and a top 3 rushing defense. That is a recipe for victory in this league, even if your Quarterback’s name is T.J Yates. WHO?…Who cares. Arian Foster despite missing the first few games is still a candidate for the league’s top back this year. Dominant WR Andre Johnson has been out most of the year, and that hasn’t mattered. Perhaps it will come playoff time, but right now this team knows its identity. They sit at 9-3, winners of 6 straight, and come in to Cincinnati whom are losers of 3 of the last 4, one being 35-7 last week to Pittsburgh. And they are underdogs…as in not favorites. They should be more like that superhero puppy, cause the Bungals are gonna have their work cut out in this one. Houston – 20. Cincy – 16.

*I came out of retirement this week to bet these 5 games. Feeling good. If you want a sure fire bet, take a 2 team 6 point teaser with Green Bay and New England. Even money. #Just sayin.


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