Week #14 Picks 2 Click…Last Week: 3-2 (Season: 16-14)

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Finally got semi back on track last week going 3-2. A Matt Forte injury and a late NYG TD versus the old prevent defense of Green Bay cost me. That’s Vegas spreads for you…It puts me at 16-14 for the season. MUCH below my expectations, but still not in the red…Yet.

This week I’m riding high on three recent Super Bowl Champ’s, and two other teams that have a shot this year. Enough with the speculative bets, their return on investment has been bi-polar at best…(“So why would I buy you a gay ass teddy bear, chick you already bi-polar!” T.I and Eminem, 2009). Random, sorry. Soooo….Rule of the week : “Roll with the momentum”…And no team has more than these 5…who have combined records of 49-11.

Game #1: Oakland @ Green Bay. Spread: Green Bay -11. A re-match of Super Bowl II. Yes, that’s right. Da Raiders played the Pack in the second inaugural contest back in 1968. The Packers won 33-14. This game may not seem very important but the Raiders are skidding and have fallen back to 7-5, tied with Tebow Nation for the division lead. But they are falling fast. Run DMC is out for this one, along with WR’s Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore and even TE Kevin Boss is hurting. We all know the Packers story by now. 4 games away from a perfect regular season, and they look well on their way to accomplishing what the 2008 Patriots couldn’t…as well as those old Dolphins. Perhaps Marino and Brady got a premature….ahhhhh problem. I can’t even type that word, let alone say it. Who says that word besides Doctors? Well maybe they got that problem, but I don’t think the real “A-Rod” does. At least he won’t this week. Green Bay – 33. Oakland – 14. Again.

Game #2: New England @ Washington. Spread: New England -8. The Patriots are starting to click heading into the playoffs, rallying off their last 4 straight in easy fashion. Tom Brady has been getting protection and picking apart secondary’s, despite little resemblance of a running game. The guy bounces in the pocket like Giselle bounces in the waves during a photo shoot. It’s truly magical. Ha. Spare me. The dude can toss the rock tho and isn’t afraid to take a hit. Then there is Sexy Rexy and the Redskins. Lets just say they are the exact opposite. They have lost 7 out of their last 8, and gone 2-6 against the spread in those games. They haven’t won a home game since September 18th. They sure as heck aren’t breaking that streak this week…Nor keeping this one close. Brady Bunch – 38. Washington – 17.

Game #3: San Francisco @ Arizona. Spread: SF-4. I recall someone saying about a month ago that there was no such thing as a “trap game”. Hmmm….Can’t quite recall who. Well, lets just say I’m not naive on this one. Arizona has been playing some decent football, coming off a home victory versus the Cowgirls. But three weeks ago, in these teams first matchup in SF, the Niners won 23-7. The Gold Diggers now sit at 10-1-1 against the spread this year. Who woulda thunk? And Vegas still isn’t giving them respect (They did that to another Central Cali team this year….Stanford, who finished 10-2 vs. the spread). SF has given up ONE 100 yard plus rushing game this year…To Vick and Company over 2 months ago. Incredible. This defense is beastly, and don’t expect Beanie Wells to get it going on Sunday. Kevin Kolb and University of Phoenix graduate Larry Fitzgerald better strike pay dirt twice in this one to contend. Otherwise its back for some more on-line classes. Danny Tanner’s Hometown Niners – 24. Arizona – 17.

Game #4: New Orleans @ Tennessee. Spread: New Orleans-4. Interesting matchup here. The streaking Titan’s now sit at 7-5, despite Chris Johnson’s incredibly slow start. He has got it going of late putting up  nearly 350 rushing yards in the last 2 games. Although that was against Tampa Bay and Buffalo, two run friendly defenses. The Saints have dropped 80 points combined in their last 2 games, so Tennessee knows they need to keep it close early to keep the ball in CJ’s hands and have a shot in this one. New Orleans is a different team on the road (3-3…Opposed to 6-0 at home), so I am leery in this one, but they appear to have a full arsenal of healthy weapons now in Jimmy Graham, Lance Moore, Colston, Meacham, Sproles, and Ingram. This team is loaded with talent…and the Titans really have two weapons in CJ and Nate Washington. Not gonna cut it versus Who Dat Nation…“George Bush Hates Black People” AKA New Orleans Saints – 34. Tennessee – 23.

Game #5: Houston @ Cincinnati. Spread: Cincy -3. Gotta love what these Houston Texans have done over the last few years. They are now a top 3 rushing offense in the NFL, and a top 3 rushing defense. That is a recipe for victory in this league, even if your Quarterback’s name is T.J Yates. WHO?…Who cares. Arian Foster despite missing the first few games is still a candidate for the league’s top back this year. Dominant WR Andre Johnson has been out most of the year, and that hasn’t mattered. Perhaps it will come playoff time, but right now this team knows its identity. They sit at 9-3, winners of 6 straight, and come in to Cincinnati whom are losers of 3 of the last 4, one being 35-7 last week to Pittsburgh. And they are underdogs…as in not favorites. They should be more like that superhero puppy, cause the Bungals are gonna have their work cut out in this one. Houston – 20. Cincy – 16.

*I came out of retirement this week to bet these 5 games. Feeling good. If you want a sure fire bet, take a 2 team 6 point teaser with Green Bay and New England. Even money. #Just sayin.


Week #13 Picks 2 Click…Last week: 2-3 (Season: 13-12)

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  Another below average/mediocre week. Still sitting a game above .500 though. If I fall below I may have to retire…sans pension. Lets get straight to it. Rule of the week “When in doubt, bet on sure-fire playoff teams”. With that said…

Game #1: Green Bay @ NYG. Spread: Green Bay -6.5. The Pack sits at 11-0, and looks more than capable of running the table. Rodgers is shredding up defenses and appears to be a shoe-in for the MVP award. The Giants have now lost 3 straight and are struggling to get the run game going, as well as slow down the passing game of opposing QB’s. They got Katrina-ed last week, giving up 49 points in the Super Dome against Cool Brees and company, and some were mumbling specific players gave up. Won’t be any easier this week against the Fonduer’s, even at home. Green Bay -34. NYG – 23

Game #2: Baltimore @ Cleveland. Spread: Baltimore -7. Baltimore might possibly be the most peculiar 8-3 team ever. They lost to Jacksonville, Seattle, and Tennessee. Yet they have two wins over Pittsburgh, Houston, San Fran, NYJ, and Cincinnati…Apparently they like big games. Well, this may not be stellar competition, but this game is worth a lot. While they do hold the tie-breaker in the division over Pittsburgh, they cannot afford to drop this game. Cleveland’s defense has held on tight all year, but the physical Ravens will punish the Browns in their first of two meetings in December. Look for Ray Rice to put his stamp on this game. Raven’s – 27. Skid Mark’s – 13

Game #3: Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh. Spread: Pitt -7. Pittsburgh returns back home to play for the first time since November 6th when they fell to Baltimore on a last-minute drive. They didn’t look like world beaters against Kansas City last week, but they rarely, if ever, have two clunkers in a row. Last week’s 13-9 victory was a clunker. With the Ravens likely getting the George Dubbya versus the Browns, the Steelers need this game. Not to mention Cincinnati is only 1 game back at 7-4. I love Cincinnati’s defense, but I think their offense will have a hard time taking care of the ball versus the scrappy Steel Curtain. Pitt – 26. Cincy – 16

Game #4: Kansas City @ Chicago. Spread: Chicago -7. Chicago won 5 straight prior to dropping to Oakland last week 25-20 in their first game without Cutler. Hanie struggled early but got it going in the 2nd half, a little too late. I look for a strong outing this week, and the dominant Bears defense will disown the Chief’s from the city of Kansas. I think this one is going to get sloppy joe style. The Chiefs have scored 25 points COMBINED in their last 4 games. I’ll spot them 7 all day long. Chi Town – 38. Kansas Shitty – 9

Game #5: New York Jets @ Washington. Spread: NYJ – 2. This one is simple for me. The Jets have been up and down all year, but they come into this game 6-5 and in need of winning at least 4 out of their last 5 to make the playoffs. The Redskins are awful. As much as I hate the Jets, Rex Ryan will rally the troops and they will get the easy win and he can get back to sucking his wife’s toes. In all seriousness, Jets faithful gotta have a little confidence in Dirty Sanchez’s 4 TD performance versus the Bills last week. Although, it didn’t all look pretty, he himself will come into this week with confidence. Pretentious Hollywood style confidence, but confidence nonetheless. FYI- Stevie Johnson’s dance was EPIC!….Jets – 27. Skins – 10

I think I got a 4-1 in me…

Week #12 Picks 2 Click…Last Week: 2-3 (Season Record:11-9)

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  Last week was another brutal one. 2-3 again, a failed guarantee, and few lop-sided losses…Sans recap, and we’re going quick and dirty into this weeks picks. Rule for the week…”All good things end…except the Colts losing streak”.

Game #1: Green Bay @ Detroit. Spread: Green Bay -6.5. The undefeated Packers take on the once very hot, then cool, now back on their feet 8 Mile Lions. 7 straight losses on Turkey Day for the Lions, and they now face the Super Bowl Champs coming in with a 10-0 record. It’s obvi that the Packers are a 9.5, but I think the Lions are a solid 8…Perhaps I have my beer goggles on. The Stafford/Johnson connection will match that of Mr. Rodgers and his whole neighborhood in this one…and some. Lions -34. Packers-31.

Game #2: Miami @ Dallas. Spread: Dallas -7. This feels like a “no-brainer” pick as the Cowboys tend to show up when under the bright lights. They  also got a few additional things going for them; They have the cheerleaders to match the Dolphins, they are the third most obese city in America (It’s Thanksgiving folks, it’s relevant), and they have a share of the division lead at 6-4. The Dolphins are on a 3 game streak, and may be the best 3-7 team ever. I am no fool…(Well not true considering I bet against them the last few weeks). They can play D, and have some ability to move the ball. Not enough though to match Romo, Murray, Dez and Company. Dallas – 34. Miami-23

Game #3: Houston @ Jacksonville. Spread: Houston -3.5. Pro- The Texans come in off a bye week rested and ready for a post-season run. Con- They are going to have to do it with Matt Leinhart as their leader. It has been a while since he has been a starting QB, but I believe he has the potential to succeed in this offense like he did in that hot tub with those ladies Charlie Wilson style. Heck, he has got the most dynamic running back in the game in Adrian Foster the People, and his foster child Ben Tate, the best back-up son, errr, runner in the league. A few hand-offs, a little play action, Boom Goes the Dynamite. The Texans defense is the most under-rated and improved in the league. It will be tough sledding for the Jag’s. Houston- 27. Jacksonville – 10.

Game #4: Chicago @ Oakland. Spread: Oakland -4. No Cutler, No problem. This Bear’s defense has been ridiculous of late. In their last 5 games they have held opponents to 53, 30, 119, 80, and 52 rushing yards. In that stretch they have won 5 straight and covered all the spreads. Jay Cutler is was playing great football, but Caleb Hanie got some much needed and valuable experience in the playoffs last year. The Raiders struggle against the run, and will struggle to run the ball on the stingy Bears. That is a combo for success for the Bears, road-dogs. If Hanie can just manage the game they will get away with a big win. If he chokes…I’m sure Palmer will counter-choke. Chicago – 26. Oakland – 21

Game #5: Carolina @ Indianapolis. Spread: Carolina -3. Ugh, this is a brutal one. The 2-8 Panthers at the 0-10 Colts. Doesn’t get much more dreadful than this. Although the Colts must be thinking they are just a few more games away from locking up the #1 pick and Andrew Luck. Manning to mentor Luck for a few years. Wow, that is scary. On the other side sCam Newton’s squad just can’t seem to finish games. “Superman” seems to run out of kryptonite in the 4th quarter…Karma? I will admit that I cannot stand Cam Newton, mainly as a person. But I also think his game is lacking in 2 key areas…Accuracy and decision making. His raw skill, running ability, and size are nothing to argue against…but he plays Quarterback. This is a Quarterbacks league. And he has a LONG ways to go to become elite at his position. With that said, the Colts run defense is awful. Look for De’Angelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart to finally combine for 200 yards and run away with this one. Carolina – 30. Indy -17

Two words: Bounce Back

Week # 11 Picks 2 Click…Last Week: 2-3 (Again). Season: 9-6

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As you can tell there is no Week #10 recap. Sorry, but I refuse to summarize another 2-3 failure. In the words of Chan Gailey, Coach of the Buffalo Bills, “You give yourself one day to celebrate a win, and one day to mourn a loss”. Thanks Coach, I need that encouragement, because Aaliyah’s (“Try Again”, 2000) on repeat wasn’t helping . The rule for the week is “Defense wins championship’s, errr, Quarterback’s win championships, but defense cover’s regular season spreads”. The last 10 Super Bowls have seen the likes of Tom Brady (Multiple times), Peyton Manning (Twice), Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner (Twice), Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger (Multiple times). Keep that in mind come playoff time. For now, it’s all about defense.

Game #1: NY Jets @ Denver. Spread: NYJ – 6. Interesting game we got here on primetime television on this Thursday evening. Oh wait, it’s on NFL Network. As if the NFL wasn’t milking every penny out of us already with insane ticket prices, Fantasy Football, my Sunday morning bar tab (Maybe that one is a me problem), etc. Tis each their own, I’ll have to attend a local bar to catch the excitement of the 8 pass attempt Denver Bronco’s versus the pompus Jet’s. The Jet’s have been Jekyl and Hyde since Day 1 of this season, heck, since Day 1 of the hiring of Rex Ryan. They turn it on and off more than your boss’s attitude on Friday’s, your wife’s sex drive, and Oregon Duck fan’s belief in their QB Darren Thomas (“How do you like them apples?” GWH, 1997). It’s a doggy dog world and “what have you done lately?” defines professional sports of late. Well, the Denver Bronco’s have gone 3-1 since the promotion of the Messiah to starting QB. He went 2-8 passing last week in a 17-10 victory over the Kansas Shitty Chiefs. That just won’t work versus the defensive scheme of Rex Ryan. The Jet’s are coming off another beat down from the Patriots after a great defensive showing against the Bill’s. Rex Ryan dropped an F bomb at a Patriot fan walking through the tunnel to the locker room after their loss last week. The guy hates losing. He’ll want this one. The Bronco’s will be without RB’s Willis McGahee and Moreno (surprise surprise), which leave’s Lance Ball and Jeremiah Johnson in their backfield. This one could get ugly, but Tebow will keep em’ semi-close, albeit looking like Rocky Balboa beaten and bruised after this one. Jet’s – 27. Bronco’s – 16.

Game #2: Dallas @ Washington. Spread: Dallas – 8. This one is rather simple to analyze. Dallas is peaking, and the Redskin’s are plummeting to the bottom of the NFL ranks. RB Demarco Murray has put together a 4 game stretch in rushing yards that betters any of Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith. The kid is the real deal, and so are the Cowboy’s if they can just eliminate mental mistakes. They have 3 free-bee’s on their schedule coming up and will likely see themselves sitting at 8-4 and atop the division in no time. They aren’t your Grandpa’s Cowboys, and they’re definitely not your Father’s Cowboys, but they are pretty legit. Not so sexy Rex Grossman will be getting his second straight start in place of Beck in this one. I’m not sure if that is good or bad for the Redskins. They have very few weapons, and have no chance in this one against a Dallas team that just thrashed Buffalo 44-7. The same Buffalo team that blanked Washington 23-0 three weeks ago. Bet this one hard, real hard, and (“If an erection lasts for more than four hours, please contact your physician for a consultation”). And if that doesn’t work…bet it again. Dallas – 34. Redskins – 16.

Game #3: San Diego @ Chicago. Spread: Chicago – 3.5. Defense, Defense, Defense. Da Bear’s are back. The Tampa Cover 2 scheme has taken on a mind of it’s own, mixing it up per matchup confusing offenses league-wide. They took care of the sexy Detroit Lions last week on the heel’s of two pick sixes from Matthew Stafford. And now look at what the cat has drug in. Phillip Rivers probably had a minor panic attack when he watched the game film of the Bears/Lions game. Rivers has 15 INT’s on the season, compared to 13 TD’s. Norv Turner has cemented himself as the worst coach in the NFL in my opinion. His offensive scheme is over-loaded with play action, lack’s rushing attempt’s, and puts River’s in position to fail, too often. They are as predictable as the conclusion of (“The Shawshank Redemption” 1994) albeit, one of my favorite movie’s ever. This Charger’s team is not one of my favorite’s ever. They won’t find it any easier this week versus the red hot cinnamon Chicago Bear’s (Top 5 gummy candies in existence) who have won 4 straight. Jay Cutler is proving all his hater’s wrong, and he should excel again this week against a weak Chargers secondary. This is a must win game for San Diego, but they couldn’t have ran into a bigger buzz saw than the Bear’s half way across the country in the cold windy city known as the Chi’. Super Bowl Shuffle – 30. Chargers – 20.

Game #4: Buffalo @ Miami. Spread: Miami – 1. Oh I can’t stay away from this one. I have too much faith in the Buffalo Bills. They sit at 5-4 tied with the Jet’s one game back of New England in the AFC East. They have dropped two straight to the Jet’s and Dallas in a whacking last week. They have injuries to players most football fan’s don’t know exist. Center Eric Wood tore his ACL last week in the Dallas game, and Pro Bowl NT Kyle Williams was told his season is done half way through recovery of a foot injury. WR Stevie Johnson and S George Wilson have matching shoulder injuries, but will likely see action come Sunday. On the other side, the Miami Dolphins have won 2 straight after 7 losses to start the season. Although the 2 win’s came against the Chiefs and the Redskins (I knew Tony Sparano was racist), two teams the Bills beat as well 41-7 and 23-0 respectively. The Bill’s will rebound in this one on a stellar defensive performance, lead by rookie Marcel Dareus and veteran Nick Barnett. Reggie Bush is likely itching at the bit looking at the stats of Buffalo’s rush defense, but he isn’t the kind of back that gives the Bill’s fits. They struggle against straight ahead runner’s who can pick up 4 or 5 on 1st down and set up the play action/QB rollouts and bootleg. As for the Bill’s offense it has been a struggle and Chan Gailey will have to resort back to the running game to set up the pass. In the last two games (blowout losses) Fred Jackson has still managed to put up 196 yards rushing, and his average sits at 5.6 yards per carry. That is stellar for an every-down back. FredEx will deliver in this one, and FitzMagic will loosen up and bounce back after two poor outings. Buffalo – 24. Phish – 13.

Game #5: Kansas City @ New England. Spread: New England – 14.5. After winning 4 straight the Chief’s have dropped the last two by 28 to Miami, and 7 to Denver…Both at home. Now they travel to New England to take on the Pat’s sans Matt Cassel. To make things worse the Patriot’s are coming off a dismantling victory versus the Jet’s last week, 37-16, their first victory by more than 14 points all season. I don’t see any reason they don’t win by 20 plus again this week. The Patriot’s defense has been criticized all year, but quite frankly they are cumming coming together as a unit. Sorry Grandma(s). They are giving up about 22 points per game, which is hardly something to mourn about. Especially when you have Tom Brady at the helm with two of the most lethal TE’s in the NFL and Wes Welker terrorizing zone defenses. Do we all remember Tom’s 500 yard performance versus Miami 10 weeks ago on MNF? If not, here comes the sequel versus a lesser opponent…New England – 44. Kansas City – 17.

Coming off two losing weeks, I’m due for a rebound. In honor of my favorite asshole athlete, Rasheed Wallace, I guarantee a winning week. Goodnight and good luck.

Week #10 Picks 2 Click

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  Week #10 is loaded with some great games, low spreads, and some coin flips. Division rivals square off all over the schedule, looking for a strangle hold on their respective divisions. Last week was a rough one for myself. I’m looking to get back in the winners circle this week. The rule for this week is “Don’t be afraid of road teams”. Because I got a few for you. Due to lack of time, and my anxiety for the Oregon v. Stanford game tonight, I will be brief. No frills.

Game #1: Houston @ Tampa Bay. Spread: Houston -3. The Texan’s have got it going of late. A fresh Arian Foster is running the ball like he did in his near MVP 2010 season. Houston sits at 6-3, 2 games clear of the division. Tampa Bay has been up and down all year. The Tampa Cover 2 might slow down Schaub and the passing game, but it won’t help much against Foster the People and his backup singer Ben Tate who is also on pace for 1,000 rushing yards. Houston – 31. Tampa Bay – 21

Game #2: Jacksonville @ Indy. Spread: Jacksonville -3. Well we all know the story of the 2011 Colts by now. Quite frankly it’s become tragic, and ranks right up there with the Penn St. scandal, Rick Perry’s terrible speeches, and the “Thor” on Real World San Diego not having sex with Ashley yet. Yes, the Indianapolis Colts of 2011 is that devastating of a story. Jim Mora’s classic rant now applies to this team, because they are really just trying to “Win another game”. The Jag’s sit at 4-4, and they are the epitome of missionary sex, errr, average. They have 3 household names in MJD, Blaine Gabbert, and their kicker Josh Scobee. Fortunately for them, its all they need. Jags- 24. Colts -19

Game #3: Baltimore @ Seattle. Spread: Baltimore -7. I said it once, and I’ll say it again. If the best thing you have going for you is home field advantage than you are in trouble. Although, the Seahawks have hung in some games of late, they still have no identity. Marshawn Lynch runs with inconsistency, they lack a go-to receiver, and they’re uniforms just kinda suck. Then you have the Raven’s coming off a last minute amazing win over Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. This team has more identity than Kim Kardashian’s backside. They know who they are and what they want. And the Seattle SeaChickens are just another practice game to iron out some wrinkles on their road to the playoffs, and their annual date with Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship. Baltimore – 33. Seattle – 17

Game #4: Detroit @ Chicago. Spread: Chicago – 3. Here’s a great game for you. D Town vs. Chi Town. Lambeer vs. Rodman. Eminem vs. Kanye. Crime vs…..well, more Crime. On to the game. This one should be a goody. Detroit got the Bears earlier this year at home 24-13, and had Jay Cutler running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Expect a little better protection this time, but the Lions have had two weeks to prepare for this win with the bye week. I imagine they will have some extra blitz packages for Lovie Smith and company this time around. Matt Forte will have to run the ball with success to give the Bears a chance. DT Suh, the Portland, Oregon native will be itching to get after the sitting duck Jay Cutler in this one after his recent meeting with Commissioner Godell. FYI – Eminem is the greatest rapper ever. Therefore… Detroit – 27. Bears -24

Game #5: Arizona @ Philadelphia. Spread: Philly -14. Normally I wouldn’t touch this game. Too many points. But the Eagles now sit at 3-5, and coming off a tough loss to Chicago on Monday night, will be looking to rebound in emphatic passion. (“Flipping the script up like Mike Vick, getting bit in his junk by a Pit, yep, I’m a sick pup” – Mr. Marshall Mathers). Yes, things haven’t been so rosy in Mr. Vicks neighborhood, perhaps he should switch to Nyquil…Wow lacking punchlines this week. Guess I’ll just drop some science. 4 of the 5 Eagle losses have come by 1, 4, 6 ,and 7, all to above .500 teams. Shockingly they are 1-3 at home. The Philly Fanatics can not be happy, but looking at their schedule, the Eagles will likely be favored in 7 out of the their last 8 games. I still think this team can rally and go 10-6. Starting with this blowout… Worst Dream Team Ever – 41. Arizona – 13

Could be a tough week. 4 road teams, and a big home favorite. Lets get back in the George Dubbya column…

Week #9 Picks Recap… 2-3 on the week. (Season Record: 7-3)

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 I feel like a “sucker” (pun intended) after this week. Went 2-3 which isn’t horrendous, ah what am I saying, it’s rubbish. Garbage, because the losses were blowouts and not even close to the spread. As I said, we were going to find out who are “Contenders” and who are “Pretenders”. The Raiders are pretenders. The Falcons are contenders. The Chiefs are pretenders. The Bills are “No Comment”. And Picks 2 Click is… Still 7-3 through 2 weeks, so the jury is out. On to the recap…

Game #1: San Francisco – 19. Washington – 11. Spread was SF by 3.5. Won. This one wasn’t as close as the score. The Niner’s displayed their top notch defense once again moving to 7-1, and the Redskins, well, “They are who we thought they were!” The Skin’s suck…Not toe’s though! San Fran was efficient behind Alex Smith’s 17-24 for 200 yards, 1 TD, no picks. Gore grinded out 100 plus yards again for the 5th straight week. John Beck’s favorite target was RB Roy Helu. Who?…Yah that’s a problem when your Running Back gets 14 catches out of the backfield. Dinking and dunking won’t work against an elite defense in the NFL, unless you have Marshall Faulk and Barry Sanders in the same backfield.

Game #2: Atlanta – 31. Indy – 7. Spread was ATL by 7. Won. Oh I am starting to feel bad for the Colt’s. Imagine how those players must feel on that team knowing that they can hardly compete without Manning. Manning may look more like a Cattle Rancher than an NFL Quarterback, but I won’t stop giving him praise (And I won’t quit picking against Indy). They can’t run the ball, stop the run, and couldn’t even air it out this week (103 passing yards). Atlanta out-gained them 432 to 186, and this spread was covered early in the 2nd quarter after two deep Julio Jones bomb’s. That dude can play. Vegas fell asleep on this line. There is something they don’t like about Atlanta and I am not quite sure what that is. See: Next game: Atlanta vs. New Orleans. Line: Pick Em’ in Atlanta. Should be 3…I think.

Game #3: Miami – 31. Kansas Shitty – 3. Spread was KC by 4. Lost. This one was fool’s gold. The score was a blowout, but the numbers don’t look half as bad. They nearly had the same total yardage (351-343), and neither team turned the ball over. Where Kansas City hurt themselves was protecting QB Matt Cassel. He went down 5 times, and was under pressure all day long. I said Miami had an under-rated defense and they proved me right in this one. Reggie Bush finally broke out for 142 total yards on 16 touches and a TD. (I wonder if Kim was watching…Or maybe she was sleeping in at his hotel. Hmm…that could explain it). Karlos Dansby led the way with 11 tackles for the Dolphins D, and Tony Sparano out-coached Haley in this one. Complete and utter fool’s gold. Kansas City is done.

Game #4: Denver – 38. Oakland – 24. Spread was Oakland by 7. Lost. How can I avoid praising Tebow in this one? Well, I could start with Oakland choked away a 17-7 halftime lead thanks to the help of three Palmer INT’s…Or I could blame it on the Raiders run defense giving up 299 yards rushing much to the displeasure of Richard Seymour on the sideline’s yapping at his fellow D-Liner’s. Fine, I’ll give him some credit. He handed the ball off to Willis Mc Gahee with Jesus-esque grace 20 times for 163 yards…He also picked up 118 on his own on 12 carries. I still don’t think this guy can be a starting NFL QB for a legit NFL team, but if I had him as my back-up I sure would use him at times for 3rd down conversions and on the goal-line. He can run the ball, and has that will to move the chains. This was not a smart bet. Palmer is clearly rusty, and they had no Darren Mc Fadden. Just a bad bad pick.

Game #5. NYJ – 27. Buffalo – 11. Spread was Buffalo by 2. Lost. Jets Jets Jets! Yada yada yada. FML FML FML! Now that I got that out, where to start with this one? Simple. Rex Ryan and the bye week. The Jet’s defense more than schemed the Bill’s offense. I believe they had a copy of their playbook. Perhaps LB Aaron Maybin (6th pick in the 2009 draft whom the Bills cut about 2 months ago) burned a copy. He now starts for the Jet’s in their nickel package. Just a little frustrating to say the least…The score was 3-0 Jets at halftime as both teams just couldn’t get it going. A big kickoff return by Joe McKnight led to another field goal, and a quick ensuing turnover led to 7 for the Jets and a 13-0 lead. The Bills abandoned the run, and Freddy Jackson only was able to get 18 carries, although he did amass 82 yards, and 38 receiving. They had some chances, but just couldn’t execute versus Ryan’s blitz/man-to-man happy defense. The Jet’s controlled the ball for 38 minutes to 22 for the Bills, and kept the chains going with an efficient game plan. Both teams are now locked up at 5-3…along with New England. Dare I say again…A must win game for Buffalo 11/27 @ New York? Sure is.

I’m feeling better about the potential in Week #10. Learned a vital lesson this week…Pick winners, not losers. Noted it to self.

Week #9 Picks 2 Click

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 The much-anticipated Week #9 is almost here. Time to find out if a few teams are pretender’s or actual contender’s…As well as myself coming off a 5-0 week. I said last week that I have only one rule, which was, “Nothing is a lock”. I lied. I have a new rule, and I will add a new rule every week. This weeks rule is, “There is no such thing as a trap game”.

Game #1: San Francisco @ Washington. Spread: SF-3.5. Imagine that, right off the bat…A trap game. Wrong! No such thing. The Redskins got shut out last week in Toronto vs. Buffalo 23-0, while the Niners took care of business and beat the Browns 20-10 at home. They didn’t play great, but Cleveland is scrappy and surprisingly not awful, especially against the run. Although, Frank Gore did get it cooking for his fourth straight 100 yard rushing game after a shaky start to the season. The Niners defense continues to be legit, and if the Redskins couldn’t move the ball on Buffalo, they will find it equally challenging versus Frisco. Jim Harbaugh is fired up, has Alex Smith playing efficient ball, and a defensive squad boasting with swagger. On the other sideline, Mike Shanahan looks unmotivated, pacing like a disgruntled post office worker, and is down to his second string QB, RB, and WR. Don’t over-think it. This one shouldn’t be close. San Francisco – 23. Washington – 9.

Game #2: Denver @ Oakland. Spread: Oakland -8. Oh come on, I had to pick this one. Not so I can rag on the “Messiah” again. I will let Raider Nation do that on Sunday. Yahhh…Might need a few extra body guards for this one. #Justsayin. Run DMC is still on crutches as of today, as he struggled in the parking lot of the stadium upon arrival (Twitter told me that). But I am not sure I care. He has a solid back-up in Michael Bush, and the bye week couldn’t have come at a better time for the newly acquired Carson Palmer and company. WR TJ Houshmandzadeh also recently signed this week with the Raiders, giving them and Palmer a familiar weapon (Well more like a rubber sling shot) in the slot. Quite frankly the Bronco’s are terrible, and I don’t see them moving the ball much with Tim Tebow at the helm. Expect a disastrous first half, and perhaps a Kyle Orton Brady Quinn sighting in the 2nd half rallying them to a late touchdown. 3 too few. Oakland – 33. Denver – 13.

Game #3: Atlanta @ Indianapolis. Spread: Atlanta -7. Lets just be frank on this one. I am going to bet against Sans Manning Inc. until they prove me otherwise. Especially against the re-discovered Hotlanta Falcons in a dome. The Dirty Birds are coming off two quality wins versus Carolina and Detroit, and will be fresh off a bye. They have hopefully discovered their key to success…More Michael Turner. I mean the guy is a load…He has thighs the size of Kris Humphries torso, and an ass the size of Kimberly. Too soon? We all over that heartbreaking story yet? Really though, the guy is a freight train. Couple that with a healthy Roddy White and Julio Jones,and the Colts are in trouble. Atlanta sits at 4-3, and is my sleeper for getting back into the playoff picture and eventually winning the NFC South. The Falcon’s host New Orleans at home next week, so they will definitely be looking to take some momentum into that one. The Colts are 0-4 against the spread in their last 4. This might be a game your Grandma could justify betting on…(“Hey Sonny! There’s a bag of them fifty cent coins in the top drawer of my armoire…Yes those…I’ve saved em’ up from the 4 months I worked before your Dad was born back in ’55. Bet on Matty Ice and the Falcons for me…And don’t tell Papa, I’ll split the winnings with you…”) Atlanta – 34. Indy – 10

Game #4: Miami @ Kansas City. Spread: KC -4. The tomahawk chop was in full force Halloween night versus San Diego. Yes, KC got a little help in that one. A minor miracle victory right? Hardly. Phillip and Norv choked…again. What’s new?  I’ll tell ya what’s not new…The Chiefs covering spreads. They have covered 5 straight, while the Dolphin’s are 2-5 against the spread on the season. The Dolphins played some inspired football last week vs. NYG searching for their first win. They had the G Men on the ropes, but couldn’t pull off a Mayweather sucker punch. The Dolphin’s are 0-4 on the road…and 0-3 at home…(One second…I was an Accounting major, I got this…). 0-7. The Dolphin’s are bad. Real bad. Don’t sugar coat it. Matt Moore was hardly a force when he played in the Pac 10, errr, 12 for the University of Oregon’s little brother. Now he’s gonna waltz into Arrowhead Stadium and knock off the winners of four straight? Reggie Bush looks more clueless running between the tackles than Rick Perry does giving a speech(Might wanna work on that pal). I’ll give Miami this. They might possibly have the most underrated defense in the NFL. They can play football. Oh no, I’m convincing myself that this is a “trap game”. BS! Shake yourself! Kansas City – 24. Miami – 16

Game #5: New York Jets @ Buffalo. Spread: Buffalo –1.5. In losing twice to the Jet’s last year, the Bill’s were outscored 76-21 and out-rushed 549-151. Wow. Luckily that was last year, both for Buffalo and for Rex Ryan’s pedicurist, as he was likely slaving over game film in the Jet’s bye week figuring out how he is going to slow down Fred Jackson, and not pampering his disgusting feet (I mean they gotta be nasty right?) The Bills are 4-0 at home, and the Jet’s are win-less on the road (0-3). I tried hard to stay away from this game, but it’s perhaps the game of the year for both teams. Revis Island said so on behalf of his 4-3 Jet’s. I say so on behalf of the 5-2 Bills. This is a must-win game for both, and a game likely both teams will look back on 2 months from now when the playoffs begin …(“Don’t talk about playoffs, PLAYOFFS!!?, Are you kidding me…PLAYOFFS!!!? I just hope we can win a game!…Another game.”) The Bills possess the better running game, and passing game. They forced the likes of Tom Brady and Michael Vick into 4 interceptions each. I expect a few this week from Dirty, errr, Mark Sanchez, especially coming off the Bills 10 sack (“I got 5 on it” – Luniz, 1994) performance last week. Bills – 27. Jets – 20.

This week’s goal is 4-1 again. Slightly greedy, but Ima looking and Ima liking. Good Night and Good Luck!